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    Parsian gateway

    152,500 تومان
    Parsian bank have a gate way for iranian online transaction. supported nopCommerce versions: 3.80, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40 plugin version:1.0

    Form Builder plugin

    3,049,695 تومان
    A significant feature of this plugin is designing different forms for different groups of customers or for specific product categories so that you can collect your customers' information purposefully. This plugin is supported on 3.80, 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60 (NEW VERSION) versions of nopCommerce.

    Advance Discount Rule

    2,989,000 تومان
    This plugin empowers you to configure various types of bulk discounts based on customers, products, and shopping carts. This plugin is supported on 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30, 4.40, 4.50, 4.60 (NEW VERSION) versions of nopCommerce.

    Request For Quote Plugin

    2,104,500 تومان
    One of the main obstacles of an online shop is the impossibility of negotiation "Request for Quote" plugin empowers you to establish a negotiation channel with your customers. supported nopCommerce versions: 3.80, 3.90, 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.30

    Mobile authentication + Sms notification

    4,117,500 تومان
    Users just need their phone number to log in to their account! (They can use a phone number or email address to sign in, depending on their choice.) By integrating the plugin with a message service provider, you can have a fast, safe and user-friendly way to log in! supported nopCommerce versions: 4.10, 4.20, 4.30


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