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    About Resaneh laboratory

    The Resaneh laboratory is a development company and Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in online store platforms and online sales systems based on NopCommerce. We began our work with the production of an online store on version 3.1 of the NopComerce in 2013. The unique features of NopCommerce have persuaded us to continue to work on this platform seriously. We developed several specialized modules for responding to the needs of our customers on the Nopcommerce platform. In the year 2016, we officially joined the technical partners of NopCommerce and started our activities internationally. Over the course of 3 years, with the production of various modules and plugins and the design of specialty stores, we managed to find out among the top 20 top-level partners at NopCommerce. Currently, Resaneh Laboratory Development Team is the largest team n Middle East, and the Media Laboratory provides its own Version of the NopCommerce. Depending on the needs of our customers for other digital services, such as Internet advertising, content creation, Google Ads, etc. For the online store, we have been thinking of providing specialized online marketing services for online stores and thus providing new services. Today's customers In addition to the online sales system, the Media Laboratory can professionally provide other services necessary for launching and maintaining your online store. We have tried to meet all the needs of small and large companies to launch online sales in one Stop service. Our ultimate goal is to simplify the online sales process for you. If you have questions about setting up or improving your online store, you can ask us, or if you would like to help us in this area, we are ready to hear.

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